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Friends of the Library Bag Day Book Sale

Where?Berea and Richmond location

Saturday, March 7th from 9-6.

For $5, fill up a reusable Friends of the Library Bag
We'll Supply the bags and Books. You fill them up.
Get these books while they last.

Popular Authors Club

More:Join the Popular Authors Club and/or Christian Popular Authors Club and you will automatically be placed on the hold list for any new titles by the authors you choose from the list. (While we can't guarantee how near the top of the list you will be, we will guarantee you an automatic spot on the reserve list without any additional effort on you part.)
Complete the form, indicating those authors whose new books you want to read, and submit the form. We'll add your name to the club roster and notify you when a title is available.
Popular Authors Request ||.

Free AARP Tax Service Available

Where?All MCPL locations

When?Feb 28 and March 28 in Berea

When?Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays beginning Feb 2nd in Richmond
More:Call 859-623-6704 to make an appointment for service in Richmond
Call 859-986-7112 for one of the Saturday Appointments in Berea if you are unable to travel to Richmond
Sponsored by the Madison County Public Library, AARP, and the IRS

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